Steak tartare of water buffalo, lovage whey cheese, fermented vegetables
Wine: St. Andrea, Panagia 2016.

Fillet of pike perch, cauliflowers cream, cornelian cherry, beurre noisette
Wine: Szepsy, Furmint 2016.

Quail, foie gras, truffle, pomme puree
Wine: Gizella, Szilvölgy Furmint-Hárslevelű 2016.

Fillet of venison, chestnut and juniper, fig, mushrooms
Wine: St. Andrea, Merengő 2016.

Hungarian artisan cheese – selection, home made marmalade and honey from Abaújszántó
Wine: Demeter, Late Harvest Birtokbor 2017.

Cheese cake, pink pepper
Wine: Szepsy, Szamorodni 2013.

The menu price with wine: 40.000 Ft / person