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The exclusive gastro experience

Pannonia Gastroboat is a unique vintage restaurant ship, where you can experience the Hungarian culinary culture in an elegant setting. Cruising in the heart of Budapest and having a slow-food menu on board from all around the country is the perfect gourmet experience.

Historical background and the present

Shipping on the Danube flourished from the late 19th century. At that time, in the absence of roads and railway networks the river was the quickest route, which was mainly used for the transportation of goods. However, with the invention of steamships transportation became faster, so many people chose this way to travel. But sailing on the Danube was not ideal only from the point of view of traffic: it is such an experience which captures the people’s heart in any ages. The Pannonia ship combines the elegance of the last century with modern-day expectations, therefore let it be any event or programme, the proper atmosphere is guaranteed. Not to mention the possibility of taking a photo of the Parliament from the Danube. Believe me, this view is alone worth it!

In the ship’s kitchen a real culinary art is going on! Since the Pannonia Ship opearated as a cruise ship originally, the setting up of the kitchen became possible only by first pulling down and then restoring the sidewall.Due to this the most modern equipment park was established, which competes with the expertise of the most reputable restaurants.

Safety Regulations

Our ship is regularly maintained, is annually screened for full inspection, has a technical permit issued by the authority.

Up to 50 people can travel on board.

In the event of a leakage or other accident, the ship may be abandoned, which is in any case a captain’s sole decision.

The escape routes above the doors and at the junction of the corridors are indicated by green signs. These boards also illuminate in the event of a total power failure.

Our life jackets are placed in the left corridor and the storage cabinets on the gateway corridor with a total of 50 pieces. We have 4 lifebuoys for rescuing from water, 4 of which are located in the area accessible by passengers, 2 on the front terrace, and 2 on the back deck.

In case of fire, six extinguishers are placed on the deck in the wheelhouse, in the gangway corridor, on the left corridor, in the engine room and on the lower deck at the bar counter.

In case of emergency, please follow the instructions of the crew immediately.

The Pannonia Gastroboat is  a jewel box of the Stylish Provincial Restaurants  at the Danube. Through the exlusive boat trip, guests can see the wonderful panorama of budapest, while on their table they can find the typical dishes of the SVET Restaurants in the interpretation of László Ruprecht.

On board of the Pannonia Gastroboat you will not only have a fantastic fine dining experience, but you will also witness the patinated interior of the boat and the wonderful evening lights. The sights of Budapest will provide a lifetime experience for the guests.